New website is up!!!

So, the new website (in English and German versions) is finished, and the French version is partly complete.  Check it out! Advertisements


This isn’t normally a forum where I post things like this, but this is something deeply important to me and to many people close to me: This fall, a number of close colleagues… Continue reading

New website under construction

we have a new, non-blog-based website under construction; the new site will be up in the next week or two!   More info to follow shortly.

Busine after Billingsgate nr. 3

Here’s another replica of the London Billingsgate trumpet, this time built for Ricardo Simian, cornettist and trumpet player in Basel and my colleague in Ensemble Mandragora.  Number three came out beautifully, and Ricardo… Continue reading

Two straight trumpets (or busines)

With the exception of the engraving on the right-hand bell, these two busines in G/F/D, based on the fragments found in Spring 1984 at Billingsgate, London, are ready for shipment! The original trumpet… Continue reading

early Renaissance mouthpieces after Guitbert 1442

Two mouthpieces for customers in Landshut, Germany, based on one belonging to the 1442 trumpet by Marcian Guitbert, Limoges, in a private collection in France. Both are constructed in 0.5mm brass. One is… Continue reading

Live radio broadcast performance!

On Sunday, Feb. 16, I had the great fortune to take part in a live radio concert with Concerto Scirocco and soprano Annie Dufresne on the French Swiss classical music station, RSR Espace… Continue reading

Repair projects

Here, an antique (Swiss?) cor de chasse, probably from a military ensemble, restored for a customer in Basel, and a pocket cornet. Sadly, I have no ‘before’ pictures for comparison – both were… Continue reading

Tenor sackbut after Hanns Geyer, Vienna, 1676

In 2009, on a visit to the Schlossmuseum in Linz, Austria, I had the great fortune to be allowed to play and measure two Viennese tenor trombones, built by Hanns Geyer in Vienna,… Continue reading

Flatt trumpet

My flatt trumpets derive from the late Frank Tomes’ solution to the problem presented by Talbot’s manuscript.  The bells are based on a natural trumpet by Bull, ca. 1700. Pitch in C at… Continue reading