This isn’t normally a forum where I post things like this, but this is something deeply important to me and to many people close to me:

This fall, a number of close colleagues received notice that their Swiss residence permits would no longer be renewed due to some changes in the state labor department in the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

The decision to deny these freelance artists permit rewewals, and to close the pathway to a successful freelance career (which is a very common means of making a career in music work, often with great success), is a decision against Basel’s singular, rich cultural scene, and against the city’s future as a cultural center and a thriving, enriching place to live and work for people in all careers.

Although I’m no longer based in Basel, having moved to Germany last summer, it’s important to me to do what I can to support my colleagues and the future of early music – and the arts in general – in Basel and the trinational region surrounding it.

Please, take a moment to read and sign the petition calling for a reasonable and sustainable long-term means for artists from all over the world to contribute to Basel culture.

German version:

English version: