Instrumentarium / Museum

Pictures and full descriptions COMING SOON

Tenor sackbut in A/G after Geyer 1676, Wood 2012

Flatt trumpets in C (A=466) after Talbot/Bull/Tomes, Wood 2012

Classical bass trombone in F after Eschenbach, N. Wood / G.J. van der Heide 2009

Renaissance slide trumpet after Memling/Hainlein, N. Wood / R. Barclay 2007

Bass sackbut after Ehe 1612, Egger 2004 (Basel)

Conn model ‘S’, (Soloist – the model used for a while by Arthur Pryor) ca. 1910.

French trombone by Vander, Paris, ca. 1910(?)

German trombones by Lätzsch, Bremen (alto), J. Wahlich, Zürich (tenor), Theodor Bimmer, Freiberg i.S. (tenor) and Gebr. Alexander, Mainz (quart)

English bass trombone in G (A=ca. 452), Besson ‘Prototype’

Conn 88H mod-prototype, East Lake OH, 2002

Conn 88H, ca. 1968, Ablilene? (Elkhart bell?)

Conn ‘Pan-American’ ca. 1956